Real Estate Escrow

Our escrow services provide a familiar process and enable our clients to securely settle transactions with safety, security and flexibility. We are skilled in transactions ranging from small condominiums to large, multi-site portfolios of commercial property. Real estate closing practices in Mexico and Latin America differ significantly from the standard U.S. processes. Our goal is to assist you in making your closing efficient and smooth, while ensuring that the terms of the escrow agreement are met.

Real estate settlement (commonly referred to as closing or escrow services) typically includes accepting funds and documents from the parties to the transaction pursuant to a written escrow agreement and holding them for delivery to the proper parties when stated conditions have occurred.


Offers a comprehensive suite of real estate escrow services:

Commercial Transactions

Residential Transactions


Real Estate Refinance

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The land transfer and “notario público” process in Mexico and other Latin American countries differs significantly from the U.S. system. In Mexico, a notario acknowledges and certifies a property transfer, which provides “judicial certainty” as to the authenticity of the process. Without title insurance a buyer may find it very difficult to recover monetarily for errors and omissions of a notario público in the transfer process. Public registries in Mexico and most Latin American countries do not provide monetary indemnification in the event of loss due to a title defect or error. As in the U.S., title insurance may be an effective tool to mitigate risk in Mexican real estate transactions.

The demand for a secure manner to compensate third parties in Mexico and Latin America has increased in part as a result of legal and regulatory changes regarding foreign investment. Manufacturers and services firms are requiring a mechanism to ensure payment upon the completion of certain projects or procurement of goods. No firm wants to risk advance payment for goods or services internationally only to later discover defects or deficiencies.

Our services reduce risk and increase efficiency when you need to ensure that your specifications are being satisfied. We also provide a layer of additional security to your sensitive bank account information in international transactions as such information will not find its way into the hands of foreign suppliers and service providers who may have vulnerable software or business processes.

Our experienced team will help you navigate seamlessly all steps involved and needed to close your transaction coordinating from beginning to end the entire process.